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Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm baaaack...

Things have been the utmost hectic the last month.  It seems the holidays have put everything into overdrive.  We put up our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving (which is typically a big no no in our house) because we realized that was going to be the only opportunity we had until January. 

A short run down of the craziness... I took Ainsley to Oklahoma for a week while the spousal unit went hunting.  I was hoping for some relief from my mom in taking care of Baby A, but she was sick and unable to even hold her.  We went to Kansas for a day, went back to OKC, then back to Austin, to turn around and go to outside of Houston the following weekend.  This week, we are in Steamboat on vacation.  It was Baby A's first time on a plane.  Quite honestly, I was super nervous.  She did awesome though.  We even woke her up at 5:45 am to leave to the airport.  I know I would be pissed off if someone woke me up that early...

She fell asleep once we boarded and didn't wake up until about an hour into the flight.  Once she did, she was super enthralled with the peanuts.  That provided entertainment for a while.
But once we got here... it's been a totally different story.  I really hope it's not the altitude.  I've been trying to nurse her as much as possible to make sure she's not getting dehydrated.  But she's kinda fussy all day and is up once an hour ALL NIGHT LONG.  I finally got her to sleep for a couple of hours today in the swing that we rented and had delivered to our condo.  I must say... that is a must have for all parents traveling with infants.  We had a bouncy chair, swing, and bath tub here when we showed up.  It was awesome.

 Hopefully, she will be in a better mood and we can go visit daddy on the slopes tomorrow and take some good pictures on the mountain.

Her being cranky and us hanging out at the house did allow for us to enter a bunch of online contest today.  I don't think I've blogged about this before... but I'm really into cloth diapering.  It's actually become an obsession of mine.  I love it.  I'm mainly into pockets, but I do have a couple of fitteds with wool covers.  Anyways...  I'll blog all about this later.  But the give aways that Autumn is doing is awesome.  I absolutely love her blog.  Beginning cloth diapering can be overwhelming.  People don't realize how complicated it can be with all the different choices you have and all the different washing routines there are.  Her blog really helped me begin to figure out what was right for me.

Anyways... hopefully things will be better tonight here in the mountains.  Greetings from Steamboat!

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