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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New camera

We've had such a busy week.  We did so much stuff, that the days have been full and long.  I had a job interview on Tuesday, so Miss A had her first official babysitting experience.  I handled it just fine, thank you very much.  I don't think I could have done it several weeks ago, but this mom is ready to get back to work.  And it's really helpful that we have the BEST babysitter lined up.  She is a stay at home mom with two boys.  Before she did that, she was a special ed teacher.  I'm pretty sure she's a better mom to Ainsley than me.  I showed up to pick her up, and it was nap time.  Everyone was asleep.  They had done tummy time, went outside and swung, and played with bubbles.  I can't accomplish all that with one kid, much less three!

Wednesday was a funeral.  Just generally crappy like all funerals are.  Thursday was our shopping day and today was our first experience at post natal yoga.  It was pretty fun.  I don't know if I'd classify it as a good workout, but it was nice to be around other moms with Ainsley.  The only thing I can't stomach (I'm ok with all the other hippy crap) is their pushing of baby sign language.  I'm not going to do it.  Kids fall behind verbally that start using sign language.  And it has no relevance the rest of their lives.  It's not like learning a second language they can use forever.  Poopy in sign language is only going to be used for a couple of months.  I think it's stupid.  Anyways....

The big thing is, the spousal unit bought my Birthday present early.  I got a new camera!  Which is helpful, since I've taken ~350 pictures of Ainsley so far, so they might as well be really good ones.  It's a canon.  I like it thus far.  Here is a picture of my Edel bug that I took messing around with it this evening
I was looking at SLRs, and this is suppose to be as comparable as possible, minus all the bulk.  Big plans for the rest of the weekend.  You'll get tons of pics later of it all, I'm sure.

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