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Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 months today!

There isn't much to write about today.  We did some errands and I'm going to try to get up early in order to make 4 dozen cupcakes... or something like that.  I did stay up late last night and re-did my resume.  Hopefully that will illicit more interest than a career services company looking for money to find me a job.  Whole Foods is closing it's posting I applied to on the 25th.  The likely hood I'd get that position is slim, but it'd still be awesome...

The bit news of the day is that someone is 3 months old today!  It's passed so quickly, and then again it hasn't.  Being in the hospital seemed like ages ago (Thank God). But her weighing 8 lbs and me carrying her around like a football seemed like just yesterday.  Here is the Birthday Girl today...

                                                    Miss A sleeping in my arms tonight...
                                         Napping while we got the oil changed in the car today
Almost 2 months old.  I don't think she's grown that much until I start looking back at ALL the pictures I've taken of her

Here she is, 2 days old.  This was our first night at home.  And I'm pretty sure we were both SO ready to be out of the hospital.  God knows I was!

She is my sweet cheeks, and I'm so lucky to have her!

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