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Monday, January 2, 2012

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I've been meaning to write for a couple of days now.  I have a lot on my mind and a lot of things I need to do and figure out.  Unfortunately, every time I log on to write, there are new blogs up that I follow that I have to read.  Then it turns into a rabbit hole, and I read all night instead of write.  Which is probably better for everyone involved...

Starting with today, and working backwards, we took down all the Christmas decorations.  It's kind of depressing.  I left the lights on the tree on all the time, so when I would get up to nurse Ainsley, we did it by the glow of the Christmas tree.  It was really nice.  We left them up as long as we did because we had a New Year's Eve party.  It wasn't anything too exciting.  It's honestly, really the first party I've ever thrown, so I learned a lot.  I made WAY too much food, bought too much alcohol, but didn't have any decorations or activities planned.  I guess now that we are true adults with jobs, the appeal of getting shit canned isn't really there anymore.  I didn't take any pictures of the festivities either, which is kinda sad.

Now to my issues.... 
1.)  I, not knowing, thought it would be nice to have the date and time on pictures, so we would know in the future when exactly it was taken.  Well, some of the pics we took over the holiday I'd really like to frame.  Well guess what... You can't remove the time stamp from the damn pictures.  So this is what we have...

and this...

Stupid date stamp.  I asked a friend who's good at photoshop to fix them for me.  She said "no problem".  Yeah, never heard anything about the pics once I sent them to her.  I might have to break down and buy my own copy of photoshop and try to do it myself.

2.)  Recently, I've noticed Miss A's diapers seem to have a strong odor of ammonia when I'm getting ready to wash them.  I just contributed it to her getting older and urinating more and maybe the chemistry of her pee changing (hell, I don't know.  I've never done this before...)  So, I was doing a second rinse cycle the other day of my cloth diapers, and when I opened the lid, this is what I saw.

I'm pretty sure a second rinse isn't suppose to by that sudsy.  So I ended up doing 4 additional rinses.  I guess I had some build up issues.  I hope doing a bunch of rinses will help.

3.)  I've decided I loath my diaper bag and need a new one.  I'll be going through etsy this evening looking for the perfect one.  Hopefully I'll have it narrowed down and pics up here by tomorrow.  So far we have

Ultimate Diaper Bag - XL convertible Paris red/orange/blue

MADE TO ORDER oversized diaper bag with beautiful floral print and sash woven through grommets

Extra Large Diaper Bag- Baby diaper bag- -Travel  bag- - Luggage- -  Design Your Own

The key here is size.  It needs to be big.  I cloth diaper, so those take up more room than disposable.  We seem to travel a lot too, so it needs to hold things to last at least an entire day. 

4.) New Year's resolutions.  We are still ironing out the details on this one.  I want them to be meaningful and obtainable for once.  We will see.

I'll end on this.  We started Ainsley on solids.  I really wanted to wait until she was 6 months old, but she has really been interested in my food lately, and I'd like to start her on this before I go back to work (more on this later).  So, I made her some oatmeal cereal that she HATED.  I'm not going to make her eat anything she doesn't like.  So I made her some carrots tonight, and she loved them!!

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