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Monday, January 23, 2012

Working sucks!

I've neglected this blog.  The little time I do have now a days, I enjoy reading other people's blogs versus writing on my own.

Working and having enough energy to play with my daughter for the two short hours I get to see her awake every day is tough.  I honestly don't know if I can keep it up.  Here is what my days have been like the last week...
(she usually feeds around 3-4)
5am-wake up
between 5 am and 7:15
Nurse her one more time
get her bottles ready
pack bag with cloth diapers and wet bag
pull her food out of the freezer
shower, blow dry my hair, make-up (these seem like give me's, but when you stay home, you don't do these things on a regular basis)
Spousal unit takes Miss A to daycare

Work by 8 am
pump ~10 am
noon- quick bite at my desk, pump, and then short nap in my car
pump ~2 pm
Leave work at 5pm
Get to daycare north of town around 5:45 pm
Get home around 6:30 pm
She gets fed at 7 pm
Bath at 8 pm
Down for the night at 8:30
at night, pull dirty diapers, clothes and bottles out of her bag
do some laundry, make some dinner, repack her bag, try to pump one more time
In bed by 11-12 pm

I'm dying doing this routine.  And the money I'm making seems really hard to justify it.  I suppose there is nothing I can do about it right now, so I have to just go with it.  I'm also trying to fit some time in for my blogging every night, training for a 5k, and maybe even some occasional housework that needs to be done.  I have 100 lbs of dog in this house.  Not cleaning like I use to, there is dog hair EVERYWHERE!!  I don't get to spend much time with Ainsley.  I use to take at least one picture of her every day.  I haven't taken one since friday night.  I'm just missing so much.  It really makes me sad.  I think I'm going to give up on cooking and trying new recipes.  Tonight for dinner was a bowl of cereal after a lunch of frozen bean burrito...  *sigh*

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