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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ok, not so awesome

I wrote last night's post half asleep.  I forgot to put the oven temp at 250 and letting the seeds roast for at least an hour, stirring occasionally.  A mistake I made was also putting the seeds in a ziploc bag last night.  I tried some this morning and they were incredibly chewy...  not even edible.  So I threw them into the oven again tonight, and they are much better.  I'm hoping that leaving them out will keep them non-chewy.

Ainsley is incredibly out tonight.  She was up kinda early for her... 8:30 am, and only took a two short naps (30-45 minute) today.  I'm convinced I'm never going to get sleep ever again.  I'm either up with her, or freaked that she's sleeping so soundly.  I stop and stare at her to make sure her chest is moving.  It's really hard to tell sometimes!  I don't want to wish her infancy away, but I'm kinda anxious about her turning 4 months.  90 % of SIDS occurs during 2-4 months.  I can't wait to get out of this timeframe.  And we haven't gotten her to sleep on her back yet.  It's totally my fault.  She's sleeping so well right now, I just want to enjoy it for a little while before the next battle.  She's still in the room with me.  Here she is tonight...
Yup, that's a bouncy chair in a pack n play.

I'm not overly excited about moving her to her crib either, but we agreed we'd start trying to get her to sleep there at 4 months.  

She's been such a good baby lately.  Maybe the transition to her crib won't be that difficult.  Her she is while I was putting on make-up today.

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